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Is Ptosis Hereditary?

If your eyelids droop below a certain position, they’re considered to be ptotic. If your eyelids droop to this degree, you have a condition known as ptosis or blepharoptosis. You can have this condition for a variety of reasons, including genetic factors.

Extreme ptosis can negatively impact your range of vision, and you may not like the cosmetic appearance of your heavily drooping eyelids, which may cause you to appear inattentive or chronically tired. Ptosis can also cause eye strain and fatigue.

Dr. Raymond Douglas is among the foremost experts worldwide on ptosis repair and oculoplastic surgery. Dr. Douglas sees new and existing patients with ptosis from his state-of-the-art offices in Long Beach and Beverly Hills, California.

Could your ptosis be hereditary? Yes, although other factors could be at work as well in the extreme droop of your eyelids. No matter the cause or causes of your ptosis, Dr. Douglas can help with your ptosis problems, using cutting-edge surgical techniques to improve your eyelid appearance.

Developing ptosis

You could have ptosis from birth, a condition known as congenital ptosis, or your sagging eyelid problem could develop later in your life. One or both of your eyes may be affected by ptosis.

Congenital ptosis can develop in the first year after birth. Congenital ptosis equally affects men and women, and can occur in individuals of all races. Typically, congenital ptosis doesn’t indicate an underlying condition.

If your ptosis appears over a short amount of time, just a few days or weeks, it can indicate potentially serious underlying medical problems. Getting evaluated right away is a good way to protect your health if you start to notice unusual ptosis.

Treating your ptosis

Dr. Douglas has developed techniques that can minimize the invasiveness of the surgical procedures you’ll need for ptosis repair. With Dr. Douglas’ care and expertise, you can reduce your recovery time and rely on your post-surgery results to make you look your best.

To learn more about ptosis repair, get in touch with Dr. Douglas today at his Los Angeles offices. Schedule your appointment online, or call now to book.