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Case Study – Creating a Natural Lower Eyelid Appearance in Thyroid Eye Disease

Case Study – Customized Approach to Orbital Decompression

Angelica’s Thyroid Eye Disease Journey – Dr Raymond Douglas

Optic Neuropathy and Thyroid Eye Disease | Dr Raymond Douglas

Bella’s Thyroid Eye Disease Journey | Dr. Raymond Douglas

Educational Videos

THYROID THURSDAY – The Impact of Graves Disease Treatment on Dry Eye

THYROID THURSDAY – Thyroid Hormone Replacement Options

THYROID THURSDAY – Thyroid Treatment Options with Dr. Babak Larian

Thyroid Thursday – Thyroid Antibodies & How They Relate to the Thyroid Eye Disease

Thyroid Thursday – Thyroid Disease and How it Affects Thyroid Eye Disease

THYROID THURSDAY – What is Teprotumumab?

THYROID THURSDAY – Graves Disease, Radioactive Iodine, and Dry Eyes

Case Overview: Customized Orbital Decompression

Facial Contouring: Buccal Fat Removal

Customized Orbital Decompression