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Raymond Douglas, MD, PhD


Dr Raymond Douglas MD, PHD - Oculoplastic Surgeon
Raymond Douglas: Oculoplastic Surgery Specialist Near Me

About Dr. Douglas

Raymond Douglas, MD, PhD, is a world-renowned, board-certified aesthetic and reconstructive oculoplastic surgeon in Beverly Hills, California. He specializes in aesthetic and reconstructive oculoplastic surgery as well as thyroid eye disease (TED) treatment and transformations. He is one of the lead scientists in the development of the only FDA approved treatment for TED (Tepezza) and has pioneered many techniques in aesthetic TED transformation.

Dr. Douglas graduated with academic distinction from the University of Pennsylvania, where he completed his medical training and his doctorate in immunology. He then finished an orbitofacial plastic and reconstructive surgery

Raymond Douglas, MD PhD offers a customized approach to Thyroid Eye Disease Surgery

As a Thyroid Eye Disease (TED) specialist, Dr. Raymond Douglas believes that every patient deserves a treatment that is customized to their exact needs, as no two patients are exactly the same. An aesthetic customized approach to TED is important because not only does it correct the functional issues associated with the disease, but it also allows the patient to look and feel their best.

Many patients often feel guilty thinking about undergoing the surgery, but no one would ever think twice about fixing a facial fracture after a car accident. In this same vein, we want patients with Graves’ eye disease or TED to know they should not feel guilty about wanting to restore their appearance to their pre-disease look. Dr. Douglas offers a customized approach for each patient, both surgical and non-surgical. Click here to learn more about TEPEZZA!

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