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Dr. Raymond Douglas is an experienced and board certified oculoplastic surgeon in Beverly Hills, CA. He specializes in reconstructive and aesthetic surgery. Patients with thyroid eye disease, previous unsuccessful surgery (blepharoplasty), cancers of the eyelids and face, and trauma-induced injuries all seek Dr. Douglas’ expert care for his customized aesthetic solutions.


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Thyroid Eye Disease

An aesthetic customized approach to TED is important because not only does it correct the functional issues associated with the disease, but it also allows the patient to look and feel their best.

Revision Eyelid & Orbital Surgery

At the International Orbital Institute, Dr. Raymond Douglas leads our team of eyelid revision surgery experts. He has taken care of thousands of patients by using innovative and novel techniques.

Bulging Eyes

A customized approach to correcting bulging eyes not only improves a patient’s overall appearance but also correct functional issues giving the patient more comfort.


Tired looking eyes are a common concern for both women and men. It is no wonder that many people seek blepharoplasty to refresh this area of their face. Our motto is “Be you again” and blepharoplasty surgery can provide a rejuvenated appearance.


The increasing popularity of injectable fillers has placed high demands for beautiful, natural looking results to refresh and reshape the face. Dr. Douglas offers Kybella, Botox, Restylane, and Jeuveau.

Actual Patient Experiences

Three months ago I underwent orbital decompression, a very intense surgery to push my eyes back in the eye socket. My eyes were bulgy and painful. I am very happy...Renee

Author of the textbookThyroid Eye Disease

Dr. Douglas has also written 5 medical textbooks and more than 100 scientific publications.

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