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Is a Mid-Facelift Right for Me?

Your face changes as you age. Your skin loses elasticity and firmness, falling into lines and wrinkles that give away your years. Tissue deposits beneath your skin can change as well, creating baggy eyes, hollow or drooping cheeks, and sagging jowls.

You don’t have to passively accept the visible changes of aging. With today’s cosmetic surgery options, that’s a thing of the past!

Renowned oculoplastic and cosmetic surgeon Raymond Douglas, MD, PhD can advise you on the best procedures to realize your aesthetic and anti-aging goals. Dr. Douglas sees new and existing patients from his offices in Beverly Hills, Los Angeles, and Long Beach, California.

If you want to address hollow cheeks and saggy jowls, a mid-facelift might be the best option for you. Here’s more on what you should know about this targeted cosmetic surgical procedure.

Who can benefit from a mid-facelift?

The tissues in your mid-face tend to lose volume and fullness as you age, hollowing out your cheeks and creating the appearance of nasolabial fold lines around your nose and mouth. You might also notice fatty tissue around your cheeks starting to droop, forming jowls along your jawline.

If you want to increase fullness in your cheeks, removing years from your appearance, a mid-facelift could be a great option for you. Younger patients in their 30s and 40s who aren’t yet in need of a full facelift often find the mid-facelift to be exactly what they’re looking for in terms of early anti-aging treatment, as well.

How does a mid-facelift work?

In a mid-facelift procedure, Dr. Douglas specifically targets your mid-face area, manipulating skin and subdermal tissue to create a rejuvenated appearance. Traditional facelifts focus on your forehead and eyes, while a mid-facelift uses state-of-the-art lifting techniques to transform the middle third of your face.

With tiny incisions behind your ear, often hidden in your hairline, Dr. Douglas accesses the malar fat pad underneath your cheekbones. Using specialized tools, Dr. Douglas can reposition this fat pad to contour your cheeks and jawline and hide nasolabial folds.

Could you be a candidate?

Whether you’re in your 30s, 40s, 50s, or older, a mid-facelift can create transformative, rejuvenating results. Older patients may benefit most from a mid-facelift in combination with eyelid rejuvenation and dermal fillers.

Nonsmokers are ideal candidates, as smoking tends to slow the healing process and lead to longer recovery times after cosmetic surgery procedures like a mid-facelift.

However, a mid-facelift is a minimally invasive procedure, unlike a full, traditional facelift, and doesn’t involve as many incisions to heal. Most patients need around ten days off work, and about two weeks before returning to vigorous activity.

To learn more about how a mid-facelift could rejuvenate and transform your face, and to find out if you could be a good candidate, get in touch with Raymond Douglas, MD, PhD over the phone now, or request your initial consultation appointment with the easy-to-use online tool.