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How to Fix Droopy Eyelids

This week Dr. Raymond Douglas discusses what causes droopy eyelids and how to fix them.

Can You Fix Droopy Eyelids?

Yes! However, Dr. Douglas states how to fix droopy eyelids can be complicated. He explains that droopy eyelids are caused by three different factors. 

One is the eyelids itself. The eyelid is attached to the eyelashes and if the eyelashes are low, that could cause the look of a droopy eyelid. Eyelids can be asymmetric or one contour of the eyelid can look different than the other, mostly on upper eyelids. 
The second cause of droopy eyelids is having too much skin where the skin can crowd into the eyelid, meaning there is no longer an eyelid platform. The platform is the strip of skin, often where women place makeup above the eyelashes. When there is too much skin, it can appear saggy and older, which Dr. Douglas emphasizes is not a thing that most people desire, leading to patients seeking out his ability to help improve this. 
The third component is often the eyebrows. As we age the eyebrows not only come down but can turn in and create a slightly sad look. Dr. Douglas states that one of the procedures he does often is raising the outside portion of the brows, which dramatically reduces the appearance of droopy eyelids in patients by creating a lifting up of the skin. The lift can be done in the office using botox, fat injections, fillers, or it can be done surgically with a temporary brow lift. 
Dr. Douglas attests to the significant difference in appearance for patients in their mid 40s/50s who desire a more youthful and natural appearance. He states that treatment may include removing a bit of skin to address the droopy appearance, in order for the eyelid to look appropriate. It is important that a patient does not have wide-open eyelids because it can appear strange, as if someone has had too much surgery. It is very important for Dr. Douglas to create a natural appearance for fixing droopy eyelids by utilizing the three steps above. 

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