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Before & After – Eyelid Revision

Prominent Eyes and Eyelid Revision

Prominent Eyes with Eyelid Retraction Repair

After surgery with another doctor, this patient had eyelid retraction and was unable to properly close her eyes. She also was experiencing severe pain. Dr. Douglas moved her eyes back to create more comfort and a better aesthetic.

Prominent Eyes with Male Eyelid Revision Surgery

This patient presented with prominent eyes. To make the eyes look more normal, Dr. Douglas lifted the cheek and added volume.

Eyelid Retraction

This patient had several previous surgeries that left her with eyelid retraction (sagging lower eyelid) and scarring. Using a combination of skin grafts, removing fat and elevating the eyelid, Dr. Douglas was able to return her eyes to a normal appearance.

Non-Surgical Eyelid Revision

This patient had a non-surgical eyelid revision treatment with Dr. Douglas. He placed Restylane filler under her eyes to treat her eyelid retraction.

Upper and Lower Lid Revision

She had a blepharoplasty elsewhere and felt the right eye was fine and natural but the left was slightly hollow with lower eyelid retraction. Dr. Douglas injected filler to her upper hollow and lower lid in the office to give her a symmetric natural result in 20 minutes.

Eyelid Revision Surgery

This woman was in a very fragile state when she came to Dr. Douglas — she had 17 previous surgeries. She could not close her eyes and was developing cornea infections from all of the bad blepharoplasty surgeries. Dr. Douglas performed a bilateral decompression, hard palate graft, reconstructed her eyelid angles and removed poorly placed filler. She flew from South America to see Dr. Douglas.

Asymmetric Lower Lid Retraction

This patient underwent a previous blepharoplasty that went poorly the left scarring and eyelid retraction.Dr. Douglas reconstructed the eyelid with a combination of surgery and filler.

Eyelid Revision Surgery

This patient had several surgeries with 5 other Beverly Hills plastic and oculoplastic surgeons. She came to Dr. Douglas and he sculpted her upper eyelids to smooth out previous scarring, lifted her lower eyelids with hard palate graft, and performed a small decompression to provide a youthful, symmetrical appearance.

Eyelid Revision Surgery

Patient had naturally prominent eyes. Dr Douglas fixed her drooping upper eyelid, as well as performed a customized asymmetric decompression to fix asymmetries. Customized solution was key to fix all issues in one surgery.