Actual Patient Experiences

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Brady S.

What a pleasant and calming experience. Dr. Douglas’ team was wonderful! Great Job!

Pamela P

A well-deserved shout out to Dr. Douglas! I have been a patient of Dr. Douglas’ since October of 2014. Because of the leading-edge treatments available through the Kellogg Eye Center at the U of M by Dr. Douglas, Dr. Terry Smith, and their staff, my TED journey and its physical and emotional challenges have been minimized. It’s remarkable where I was in 2014 and where I am now thanks to Dr. Douglas!


I want to thank you again for taking the time to meet with me the other day. You thoroughly and thoughtfully answered my questions. Your work on Grave’s ophthalmopathy is ground breaking and brings hope to those of us with this condition.

A. F.

You are the best doctor that I have dealt with throughout my challenges with thyroid eye disease. My wife and I will always be grateful for your compassion and concern for the whole person. Thank you again for the successful decompression surgery you performed on me. You are the only doctor that I have had experience with that understands the importance of treating the whole person and the effects of this disease.

Anita D

Dr. Douglas is an amazing surgeon. Pain and pressure 90% relieved following orbital decompression. Beyond grateful. Quality of life fantastic now! Thank you!

Annie O.

Thank you for sharing your time to complete my recent blepharoplasty and brow-plex. My Irish eyes are smiling.

Elika S

Thank you so much again for the amazing procedure! I just wanted to let you know that I am very happy with the result, I had no bruise (not even at the site of the injection) or any kind of complication or discomfort what so ever, only a bit of swelling that went away after a few hours and I feel it made me look a few years younger definitely!


Dr. Douglas, you meet a handful of people that have a tremendous impact in your life, YOU are that person to me!!

Deanna C.

I wanted to let you know that my eye pain has almost non-existent since visiting you a week ago. You and your team gave me my life back and more importantly gave me hope that something can be done.

Chelsea A.

You are a genius! The tape to reduce swelling is a miracle! I have no puffiness whatsoever. I really appreciate your time and thoughtfulness. As silly as it sounds, I feel like a new person when I look in the mirror.

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