Liz W.

Dr. Douglas treated me at his Beverly Hills, CA Clinic.

He is a brilliant Angel of Mercy who heads an excellent team! It is because of his work on my TED impacted eyes that I was able to get back to my writing; finish my PhD, and start to pick up the pieces of my interrupted life.

When I found out I had Graves disease (as it turned out, undiagnosed for almost 2 decades and therefore debilitating), I looked everywhere for solutions. At the time, I had stopped writing, reading; in fact, using the computer had become altogether impossible due to excruciating pain, double vision, eye rigidity, and a host of other problems. In fact, the bottom had literary fallen off my professional and personal world, and it looked likely to everyone but me that I would not complete my PhD at all. I initially worked with two local ophthalmic clinics while I researched and contacted TED specialists around the country, asking to be taken into their practice as a patient. I was also searching for solutions to minimize the disfiguring effects of TED. Seeing my continued adamance, doctors, family, and friends were telling me that eye damage from TED was most often permanent; and that I needed to accept my “new self” so as to adjust my life expectations to a realistic level.

Six months into the search, I wrote a tentative email to Dr. Douglas’ Beverly Hills office. From that moment on, I was enveloped by affirmative, thoughtful, and superlative professionalism that restored my hope in the ability of my body to heal under the right care.

During my initial consultation, Dr. Douglas was receptive of my opinions, and he explored the pros and cons of different treatment options with me before efficiently establishing a framework for the direction that we mutually agreed upon.

To top his brilliance, Dr. Douglas is the kindest, gentlest doctor you will ever meet; soft spoken, and completely down to earth.

An important consideration for me as an African woman was the possibility of keloid scarring in case I underwent surgery, since surgery is common for TED patients. I have two keloid scars from prior experiences in other parts of my body. This time, I wanted to be sure that I worked with a doctor who knew what to do about African skin, given the importance of the eye area. During my search, Dr. Douglas was the only surgeon in his field to deliberatively convey his extensive knowledge about special considerations he makes for the different types of skins. African, Asian, and Caucasian skins differ in strengths and challenges. For example, one of his innovative techniques prevents even the possibility of keloid scarring, something that in my experience many surgeons and dermatologists are only marginally aware of without having any real solutions.

Another thing about Dr. Douglas’ practice is that they have taken the time to render educational materials easily accessible. From Peer reviewed papers to learning modules and shared personal stories on social media; the team is dedicated to bringing the message of their mission of healing to the global public and even to local doctors. As a result of this comprehensive information dissemination approach, when I brought it up with my own local ophthalmologist that I had found Dr. Douglas and was in the onboarding process at his Beverly Hills Office; in spite of the 2,500 mile distance; my local doctor thoroughly approved of the choice I had made, since he was already very familiar with Dr. Douglas’ work.

Anyone suffering with TED, those in need of oculoplastic surgery or other work that is in Dr. Douglas’ purview will be glad they chose him. I am grateful to have found him and attribute the completion of one of my most important life goals to his work.

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