Ann M

My wife having Graves disease has had a really bad experience in Miami in the best Eye Institution for the area. She had a ptosis done in her left eye and the result was a dropping eyelid. She went back to complain and the doctor recommended dropping the other eyelid to match. Incredible he wanted to change one bad procedure into two. So after that she went to the Internet and God directed her to Doctor Douglas. We met him on Skype and the experience was a blessing. Right away my wife and I knew that we had found the best man to do her Decompression surgery. Dr. Douglas just put you at ease and his confidence and his abilities where you knew everything was going to be alright again. Being from out of state we were told that our insurance was not going to cover. My wife after finding her miracle worker was shot down but Dr. Douglas’s staff was immediately on the job finding a way where this surgery would get done. Likewise the Doctor’s staff gave you the same assurance you felt when you met the Doctor. Long story short everything worked out we were covered and on our way to the promise land. Having the best Doctor in his field and supported by a great staff we felt that there was no way anything could go wrong. The surgery was a great success and the results was seen one hour after in recovery. One day after her eyes were six millimeters back in their normal position. My wife is so happy and I am so blessed to see her back to being happy and her old self again.

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