Orbital Trauma Repair

Trauma to the eye, eyelids, orbit and facial bones are common occurrences. These injuries can cause eyelid laceration, tear drain injuries, bleeding within and bruising around the eye, and/or fractures of the bones of the eye socket.

If a fracture to the eye orbit occurs, it can impact both the form and function of the eye. If the fracture is adjacent to one of the eye muscles, such as in a blowout fracture of the orbit, double vision may occur.

This can lead to an abnormal appearance, such as sunken eyes, if not repaired properly. Dr. Raymond Douglas is an expert in reconstructive procedures that repair facial or eyelid lacerations, as well as facial or orbital fractures. Although it is best to operate on these fractures as soon as possible after the injury this may not always be possible. Dr. Douglas has experience treating both early and late fracture repair.

Scar Therapy

Dr. Douglas specializes in improving the appearance and function of the eyelids and tissue around the orbit. He also works to reverse the long-term effects of traumatic injuries or previous surgery which has resulted in unwanted scarring.

While scarring can result from a variety of injuries and surgical procedures, Dr. Douglas has developed an innovative approach to reduce the accumulation of scar tissue and expand the tissue simultaneously. This procedure has been published in several medical journals and can dramatically improve the appearance of scarring in addition to improving the function of the eyelids.

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