Patients often notice that their eyes appear very prominent and their eyelids are retracted, revealing a great deal of white under the center of the eye. This can occur naturally when someone has relatively small cheekbones or be exacerbated after blepharoplasty (eye lid lift) surgery. In addition to appearance concerns, the patient can experience constant pain, redness and irritation. 

Customized Treatment

Dr. Douglas is an eyelid revision surgery expert and has developed several customized strategies to improve the overall appearance and function of the eyes.

If the eyes are prominent, he can consider moving them into a better position. However, eye prominence is critical as it will dictate whether surgery will be successful. If the eye is prominent, many surgeries will have little chance of success. But moving the eye back even a couple millimeters can dramatically change the appearance and function of the eye. This surgery takes very little time and can be a very safe alternative.

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