Orbital Decompression For Bulging Eyes

Some people have very prominent eyes or asymmetry of the eyes where one is bulging. Often this is caused by a medical condition called Graves’ disease or thyroid eye disease. But often the eyes appear bulgy or prominent due to trauma or just being born that way. This can be quite concerning for many people in that it makes them appear intense or not “normal.” Many patients ask if there is anything that can be done and in the past, the answer was not too much, at least safely.

Today, this is no longer the case. Dr. Raymond Douglas is one of the most respected aesthetic orbital decompression surgeons and has dedicated much of his career to helping patients with this condition. He specializes in moving the eyes back or improving this bulging appearance for his patients.

This is a specialized surgery that very few doctors would offer but Dr. Douglas and his team have done thousands of these surgeries and our patients are very happy with the results. In fact, most find it life changing!

TED patient testimonial

“I hope you know how amazing you are and how much you did for me! You changed my life. 2 years ago I kept my eyes closed in all maternity photos my friend took. This time around I’m looking straight at her with so much joy. And I’m a total mess crying just typing it thinking you are a God given gift to so many!” -Monika

Customized Approach To Surgery

Patients come to us looking to improve their appearance of their bulging eyes. Each patient that walks through our door has a unique orbital anatomy and has their own concerns and goals for surgery. During a thorough consultation with Dr. Douglas, he will evaluate the patient and determine which approach to treatment will provide them with the best results possible.

In general, to reduce the prominence of the eyes we can consider several options including a surgery to reduce the bulging. To reduce eye bulging we will remove fat or shave a little bone to reduce the prominence. This surgery is done under general anesthesia and takes about an hour and patients recover in about two weeks with bruising and swelling. Although the surgery only takes approximately an hour to perform, it is an incredibly complex and precise surgery and should only be performed by an expert like Dr. Douglas and his team.

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