Skin Cancer Surgery

The number of skin cancers diagnosed every year exceeds the total of all other types of cancers combined. As a result, treatments have evolved to provide potentially higher cure rates and improved cosmetic outcomes.

In more complex cases, a dermatologic surgeon may elect to perform Mohs micrographic surgery to remove difficult or recurring skin cancer. Despite its high level of efficiency, Mohs surgery can leave large wounds in prominent areas of the face. These defects can be disfiguring and emotionally unsettling.

Dr. Raymond Douglas has extensive experience in performing the highly complex Mohs reconstruction surgery to repair the wound and retain the natural appearance of the facial features.

Skin Cancer Reconstruction & Scar Therapy

After a detailed consultation and discussion of the available options for repair, Dr. Douglas will formulate an individualized treatment plan to improve the function and appearance of the area. He has pioneered many of the methods used by most surgeons today and has traveled nationally and internationally to teach other surgeons his techniques, as well as published and lectured on the topic.

Specifically, he uses an innovative strategy to reduce the accumulation of scar tissue while expanding the tissue simultaneously. Combining this scar therapy with reconstruction surgery can dramatically improve the appearance of scarring and give the most aesthetically pleasing result possible.

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