Anophthalmia means the absence of one or both eyes. This can occur for a variety of reasons – congenital or acquired – and at a variety of ages.

It is physically and emotionally traumatic to lose an eye. While there is no treatment to create a new eye or restore vision, the goal is to restore a patient’s confidence and appearance under the most stressful circumstances.

Innovative Treatment Option

The lack of an eye not only creates an abnormal appearance but can also lead to abnormal function of the eyelids and socket.

The volume of the eye often times needs to be replaced with an implant. This needs to be done precisely to avoid issues in the future where the eye looks sunken. Over time there can be a change in appearance due to sagging tissues, problems with the implant, etc. and require specialty surgery to improve and regain the normal appearance of the prosthesis and the “eye.”

Socket reconstruction is complex and often associated with substantial scarring. Dr. Douglas and his colleagues have employed several novel methods to improve the outcome of this surgery, minimize scarring, and reduce the number of surgeries needed to create a more realistic appearance. They have published several papers on these methods which include using tissue glue and the anti-scarring agent 5FU. The tissue glue acts a zipper to keep the issues aligned while the 5FU prevents scarring. Together, they are helpful in improving outcomes in the most difficult cases.

Customized Treatment

This is extremely specialized work and Dr. Douglas has been performing and optimizing these surgeries for the last ten years. Appearance of the eyes is very important as they are windows to the soul and is problematic and anxiety provoking for patients who wear a prosthesis in one eye. In some cases, his patients have gone years without wearing prosthesis because they lost hope. Dr. Douglas takes enormous pride in restoring a patient’s confidence and self-esteem by allowing them to appear with two eyes.

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