Eyelid Revision

Below are examples of patients who had surgery with other doctors that resulted in poor results. As an expert oculoplsatic surgeon, Dr. Douglas specializes in correcting poor results from previous eyelid surgery. Every eyelid revision case is unique and customized to the specific issues that need correction. Take a look below at a variety of different examples of eyelid revision, including eyelid retraction repair non-surgical repair and skin grafting.

Patient 1 – Eyelid Retraction

This patient had several previous surgeries that left her with eyelid retraction (sagging lower eyelid) and scarring. Using a combination of skin grafts, removing fat and elevating the eyelid, Dr. Douglas was able to return her eyes to a normal appearance.

Patient 2 – Non-Surgical Eyelid Revision

This patient had a non-surgical eyelid revision treatment with Dr. Douglas. He placed Restylane filler under her eyes to treat her eyelid retraction.

Patient 3 – Eyelid Retraction Repair

After surgery with another doctor, this patient had eyelid retraction and was unable to properly close her eyes. She also was experiencing severe pain. Dr. Douglas moved her eyes back to create more comfort and a better aesthetic.

Patient 4 – Male Eyelid Revision Surgery

After surgery with Dr. Douglas, this patient experienced improved cheek projection which created a much more natural appearance.  This was achieved by lifting the cheek and adding volume.