Prominent Eyes

Prominent eyes can be due to a variety of medical conditions or just being born with this characteristic. Dr. Douglas specializes in performing orbital decompression surgery to move the eyes back and create a much less prominent eye appearance. Below are some of his patients.

Patient 1 – Prominent Eyes

A customized approach to correcting bulging eyes not only improves the patient’s overall appearance but also correct functional issues giving her more comfort.

Patient 2 – Prominent Eyes

This patient’s eyes began to look bulgy after eyelid surgery with another doctor. Dr. Douglas performed a customized surgery to move her eyes back to a more normal position.

Patient 3 – Prominent Eyes

Beautiful results following customized surgery for prominent eyes with Dr. Douglas.

Patient 4 – Prominent Eyes

This patient had fantastic results after prominent eye surgery with Dr. Douglas.

Patient 5 – Prominent Eyes

After surgery with Dr. Douglas, this patient’s eyes no longer appear to be bulging.

Patient 6 – Prominent Eyes

This patient presented with prominent eyes. To make the eyes look more normal, Dr. Douglas lifted the cheek and added volume.