The Center for Thyroid Eye Disease

Dr. Raymond Douglas is a pioneer in the use and development of TEPEZZA (TEPROTUMUMAB) and the principal of two landmark trials published in the New England Journal of Medicine, demonstrating Teprotumumab as a first-line alternative non-surgical solution for patients with Thyroid Eye Disease.

Dr. Douglas has founded The Center for Thyroid Eye Disease to provide first-class and compassionate care for qualified patients for the duration of their 24-week treatment cycle with Tepezza.

Dr. Douglas and his team at The Center for Thyroid Eye Disease offer both comprehensive and integrated co-managed programs:


Management of the treatment process in its entirety, delivering a treatment summary and outpatient report at the completion of infusion treatment to the referring physician.


All care directed by the referring physician who is integrated into a shared treatment plan to best suit both the patient and referral physician needs. Future care will be directed by referral physician.


consultation is necessary to determine treatment eligibility. Please contact [email protected] to set up a consultation. 

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