Preventing Double Vision


Minimizing Double Vision After Orbital Decompression

The presence or risk of double vision in Thyroid Eye Disease (TED) patients is always taken into consideration. Double vision is the most prevalent risk of orbital decompression, but is highly dependent on whether the disease is fat or muscle predominant. Patients with muscle predominant disease are at a higher risk for having post-operative double vision, as compared to patients with fat predominant disease who are at a lower risk.

Due to this risk, it is essential for patients to find a surgeon who specializes in TED and orbital decompression to ensure the risk of double vision is as low as possible.

What techniques does Dr. Douglas use to minimize the rate double vision?

The first step of surgical planning at the International Orbital Institute is to properly diagnose patients with either fat predominant or muscle predominant disease. Once the diagnosis has been made, Dr. Douglas will explain which approach to orbital decompression is best for the patient and which techniques he will use to minimize the chance of double vision.

As a world-renowned Thyroid Eye Disease surgeon, Dr. Douglas has developed very specialized techniques to mitigate the risk of double vision for his patients as much as possible. Some of his techniques to significantly minimize the risk of double vision include:

  • Minimally invasive surgical techniques
  • Minimal manipulation of the orbital tissues
  • Very specialized way of controlling bleeding
  • Advanced anti-scarring techniques

Utilizing these techniques, Dr. Douglas’ rate of double vision or problems associated with the surgery is less than that of other surgeons. Once our patients learn about the specialized techniques to reduce this risk factor, they become much more confidant that customized orbital decompression with Dr. Douglas is the absolute best course of action.

Why Choose The International Orbital Institute?

At the International Orbital Institute, our team of TED experts provides patients with the most cutting-edge and minimally invasive approaches to orbital decompression. Every surgery we perform is tailored to the specific needs and goals of the patients, as we know no two patients are exactly the same. This customized approach allows us to not only correct the functional issues of TED, but to also improve the aesthetic appearance of the eye so you can look and feel like your pre-disease self again!

Furthermore, our dedication to advancing treatments for TED patients means that our patients are always receiving the best treatments possible and we do everything we can to minimize the risks of surgery, especially lessening the chance of double vision.

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