Natural Lower Eyelid Appearance


Natural Eyelid Appearance After Orbital Decompression

One of the greatest benefits of customized orbital decompression surgery with Dr. Douglas is that less than 5 percent of his patients need lower eyelid surgery in addition to orbital decompression. This rate is so low because Dr. Douglas customizes the primary orbital decompression to the specific needs of each patient, including addressing the lower eyelid at this time.

Natural Lower Eyelid Appearance Beverly Hills, CA
Natural Lower Eyelid Appearance Before and After

In these examples above, you can see Dr. Douglas was able to create a very natural looking lower eyelid appearance by doing a customized decompression.

Both of the patients in the “before” pictures obviously have very different physical presentations of Thyroid Eye Disease, and, thus, they needed custom-tailored approaches to orbital decompression in order to achieve naturally beautiful and functional “after” results. Just like these two patients, every patient Dr. Douglas meets has a unique presentation of the disease and deserves to be treated on an individual basis for the best results with the least amount of risk of double vision. Every orbital decompression Dr. Douglas performs is customized to the patient.


How Do You Achieve Normal Eyelid Contour?

To achieve a normal lower eyelid appearance, we can selectively remove bone in various places of the orbit, allowing the eyelid to return to a normal position. Specifically to reduce the white show under eye, Dr. Douglas will move the eyes back with a customized decompression. For patients with significant white show, he will move the eye down. In the illustration below, Dr. Douglas will shave the bone down in the blue section in order to lower the eyelid and give a better contour.

Furthermore, Dr. Douglas has examined hundreds of patients and published this data demonstrating how he can achieve these superior results – normal eyelid contour.  In the graph below, you can see patients started at the red line and came down to the blue line with a much more normal eye contour.

Eyelid Contour Map – Before & After Decompression

Normal eyelid contour restored with proptosis reduction.

Case Study

Case Study – Natural Lower Eyelid

Below, you can see the dramatic results we achieved for this this patient, who underwent a decompression surgery and orbitomalar ligament release, but no eyelid surgery. She had a dramatic improvement in her comfort, appearance, and function with a single surgical intervention.

Results like this are very challenging to achieve, but in the hands of a surgeon as experienced as Dr. Douglas’s, who has performed hundreds of these cases, you can rest assured you will receive the best results possible.

Why Dr. Douglas?

Choose The Best Orbital Decompression Surgeon

Orbital decompression for Thyroid Eye Disease is a very complex procedure. Most surgeons offer multi-stage procedures to achieve full results. While for some patients this may be the only option, our experts at the International Orbital Institute have found that a large population of Thyroid Eye Disease patients can actually achieve correction in just one surgery. During a consultation, Dr. Douglas will evaluate your disease and develop your customized approach to orbital decompression.

A customized orbital decompression with Dr. Douglas will achieve superior results with a minimally invasive outpatient procedure often lasting less than two hours.His goal is to not only correct your functional issues related to the disease, but also to restore your natural eyelid contours, all in one surgery, if possible.

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