Improve Upper Eyelid & Brow


Improving Upper Eyelid & Brow in Thyroid Eye Disease

At the International Orbital Institute, our goal is to provide our patients with customized thyroid eye disease treatment. In addition to correcting the functional issues associated with thyroid eye disease through orbital decompression, Dr. Raymond Douglas also strives to provide his patients with the best aesthetic outcome as well. Patients are evaluated on an individual basis so the best surgical plan can be created for them. In some cases, the eyebrow and upper eyelid can be very important components to the aesthetic appearance and overall function for the patient. Dr. Douglas can improve these areas through a couple of different approaches.

Improve Upper Eyelid & Brow in TED Surgery

As an expert in the field, Dr. Douglas is able to achieve better function appearance by utilizing the following techniques:

  • Reducing the brow fullness
  • Camouflaging the brow fullness
  • Augmenting the brow fullness (rare)

Furthermore, a selective decompression can be performed to further improve the appearance by hiding the lacrimal gland if it is prolapsed to achieve a very smooth upper eyelid and eyebrow.

Case Studies

Patient 1

In the pictures below you can see one of our patients before and after surgery. Prior to finding Dr. Douglas, this patient had multiple previous eyelid surgeries that left her with unsatisfactory results and an unwanted eyelid appearance. She underwent decompression and eyelid surgery with Dr. Douglas and is beyond happy with her functional and aesthetic results, specifically the upper eyelid and brow. She also sent us this beautiful family picture in which you can see how happy she is with her appearance by the big smile on her face!

Improve Upper Eyelid & Brow Beverly Hills, CA

Patient 2

Below is an example of the improved function and appearance of the upper eyelid and brow area following customized surgery with Dr. Douglas. She was incredibly happy with the results of her surgery!

Patient 3

For this patient, Dr. Douglas performed a decompression with anterior approach blepharotomy to improve her eyelid appearance. Her surgical results are very natural looking and she has told us she feels like herself again!

Patient 4

In her pre-surgery pictures you can see that this patient presented with hollow upper eyelids and prominent globe. To improve her appearance, Dr. Douglas added volume to the upper eyelid and brow area. She is incredibly pleased with her results.

Our goal is always to create a very natural looking appearance so that you look like you did before thyroid eye disease. After meeting you, Dr. Douglas will explain in detail how he will achieve this for your specific needs.

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Why Choose The International Orbital Institute?

At the International Orbital Institute, our team of TED experts provides patients with the most cutting-edge and minimally invasive approaches to orbital decompression and improving the upper eyelid and eyebrow appearance. As no two patients are exactly the same, every surgery we perform is tailored to the specific needs and goals of the patients. This customized approach allows us to not only correct the functional issues of TED, but to also improve the aesthetic appearance of the eye so you can look and feel like your pre-disease self again!

Furthermore, our commitment to improving treatment options for TED patients means that our patients always receive the best care available and we do everything we can to minimize the risks of surgery.

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If you or a loved one is suffering from Thyroid Eye Disease, please contact the International Orbital Institute so we can help! Our mission is to provide our patients with personalized care so they can feel like themselves again! Our team of experts is here to evaluate your disease and develop a customized treatment plan to ensure you get the results you deserve. Please call us today to schedule your consultation – (310) 657-4302

For patients who live out of town, we also offer telemedicine consultations so we can speak via Skype from the comfort of your own home.

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