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Improving the Check Junction in Thyroid Eye Disease

While appearance is not the primary goal of thyroid eye disease treatment, we know how the appearance of prominent eyes can hinder your self-confidence. Because of this, Dr. Raymond Douglas prefers taking an aesthetic approach to orbital decompression so that not only is eyelid function improved, but so that the patient’s appearance is also restored. Through Dr. Douglas’ innovative surgical approach, he can accomplish improved aesthetics with very little additional surgery at the same time as orbital decompression to give a complete improvement.

One of the important components of a natural appearance is the cheek and lower eyelid junction. As part of Dr. Douglas’ customized plan, he considers how to improve this area.

Improving the cheek junction can be a very important part of surgery for patients, as it creates a smooth transition from the lower eyelids to the mid-face and a very nice overall facial appearance. Some of the procedures that Dr. Douglas may perform in conjunction with orbital decompression to improve the cheek junction include:

  • Eyelid retractor release to elevate the lower eyelids
  • Orbitomalar ligament release to address the bags under the eyes
  • Midface lift or support
  • Cheek lift and implants (in the most complex patients)

In addition to surgical approaches, Dr. Douglas may also recommend filler treatments to the mid-face to create a softer appearance. When you add filler to the cheeks and mid-face, it adds volume to create a smooth transition from the cheek to under eye area. Filler can also be used to camouflage of the unwanted tear trough appearance. During a consultation with Dr. Douglas, he will let you know if you are a candidate for filler treatments to improve your cheek junction appearance.

Case Studies

Patient 1

As you can see in the patient below, she had a dramatic improvement of her lower eyelid cheek area, which was completed in addition to her orbital decompression in just one operation.

Improve Cheek Junction Beverly Hills, CA
Improve Cheek Junction B/A

Patient 2

This patient had beautiful results following an orbital decompression combined with an orbitomalar ligament release to address the bags under the eyes. As you can see her eyes are no longer bulging and the transition from her under eye area to the mid-face is very soft and natural looking. She is very happy with her results

Patient 3

This patient came to Dr. Douglas with severe proptosis (bulging eyes) and small cheekbones. He also noted experiencing constant tearing, pain and pressure. Dr. Douglas performed a customized combined procedure to augment his cheeks and decompress the orbit. The result was a 7 mm proptosis reduction and improved eyelid function, as well as an improved aesthetic appearance. The patient said his quality of life has greatly improved since surgery.

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At the International Orbital Institute, our team of thyroid eye disease experts provides patients with the most cutting-edge and minimally invasive approaches to orbital decompression, including improving the aesthetic appearance of the cheek junction. Every surgery we perform is customized to the specific requirements and goals of the patients, as we know no two patients are exactly the same. This personalized approach allows us to not only correct the functional issues of TED, but to also improve the aesthetic appearance of the eye so you can look and feel like your pre-disease self again!

Furthermore, our dedication to advancing treatments for TED patients means that our patients are always receiving the best treatments possible and we do everything we can to minimize the risks of surgery.

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