Asian Orbital Decompression


Asian patients with Thyroid Eye Disease present with special problems for overall aesthetic functional reconstruction.

Asian orbits tend to be more shallow requiring special techniques to remove volume. As a result, the incision placement is critical to achieve a cosmetic result. Asian patients often have a low eyelid crease or none at all; therefore, it is sometimes necessary to avoid a skin incision entirely to achieve the best result.  This extra level of complexity can only be achieved by surgeons accustomed to performing decompression surgeries on Asian patients, such as Dr. Douglas.

Additionally, many patient present with complaints of bulging eyes and other tissue around the eye. Dr. Douglas customizes the reconstructive process to minimize the number of surgeries in order to address these issues. For example, some patients have prominence of the upper brow and we can customize surgery to improve this area to achieve the best aesthetic result.

Dr. Douglas has created many novel techniques exclusively for Asian patients to hide any visible scars from decompression surgery. This way superior results can be achieved without leaving any external scars. Additionally, our team specializes in Asian aesthetic and functional surgery given our practice in Shanghai.

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If you are an Asian patient suffering from Thyroid Eye Disease, please contact our office to schedule a consultation with Dr. Douglas. He also offers online consultations for out-of-town patients.

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