Orbital Surgery

Orbital Tumors and Mohs

With the cases of skin cancer diagnosed yearly exceeding the total of all other types of skin cancer combined, advanced and effective treatments have been developed to provide higher cure rates and improved outcomes.

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Sphenoid Wing Meningioma

Sphenoid wing meningioma is a type of tumor that is slow-growing and affects the bone between the eye and the brain. It is generally thought to be benign and can vary in size from a few millimeters to many centimeters in diameter.If left untreated, the tumor can compress the optic nerve and cause vision loss, double vision or numbness of the face.

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Orbital Trauma & Fracture

Dr. Douglas has over 15 years of experience in reconstructive procedures that repair orbital fractures, as well as facial and eyelid lacerations. Injuries to and around the eye, eyelids, orbit and facial bones are common and can occur in a variety of ways.

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Biologic Remodeling

Dr. Raymond Douglas and his team of expert surgeons have pioneered methods to biologically modify tissue to reduce scarring and improve function of the eyelids. At the International Orbital Institute, we have developed techniques to cause controlled stretching of unwanted scar tissue, which then allows the scar to remodel to a point that the tissue becomes near normal in consistency and function.

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