Smiling, laughing, frowning, and other facial expressions are a result of the facial muscles contracting. In our youth, the lines and creases that appear during facial movements go away when the face is at rest. These are referred to as dynamic wrinkles. Over time, creases, lines, and furrows become permanent fixtures on our faces. And these persistent facial wrinkles age the face. Around the eyes, wrinkles can also create an appearance of anger or sadness. Luckily, BOTOX Cosmetic provides a non-surgical way to refresh the face and prevent the deepening of dynamic wrinkles so you can look and feel like your best self.
As a board certified oculoplastic surgeon, Dr. Raymond Douglas has a deep understanding of the facial anatomy around the eyes and forehead, which allow him to provide his patients with superior Botox treatment outcomes. He always focuses on softening the wrinkles on the forehead and around the eyes in a very natural and youthful way. His focus is to erase your lines and wrinkles so you can be you again!

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What areas can be treated by Botox Cosmetic?

BOTOX is routinely used in the upper part of the face where muscles are frequently in a state of contraction. Some of the uses for this injectable include:
  • Smoothing frown lines
  • Eliminating crow’s feet
  • Relieving eye twitching
  • Treating a droopy brow
  • Reducing migraines
  • Helping with thyroid eye disease

Who is a candidate for Botox?

Most adults who are interested in rejuvenating their appearance by reducing lines and creases without surgery are good candidates for BOTOX treatment. Good physical and emotional health are also key to the most successful treatment. BOTOX is not approved for women who are pregnant or nursing and may not be suitable for individuals with a neuromuscular disorder.
At our practice, Dr. Douglas is the only one performing Botox injections. As an experienced injector and surgeon, he administers a very specific amount of Botox in order to reduce wrinkles; not to freeze your face or halt the ability to make facial expressions altogether. Before administering Botox, he will engage you in a thorough discussion that enables him to understand each person’s desired outcome and develop treatment around his or her goals.

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How long does Botox last?

BOTOX is a temporary wrinkle-reducing treatment that reduces on the muscle activity beneath the skin. Results develop over the course of one to two weeks and they last an average of four months. Every person’s body will process the Botox at a different rate so the length of the treatment results will vary. Some people notice that results fade as quickly as three months, while some have reported results lasting well over six months.

How does Botox work?

BOTOX is made from minute amounts of purified Clostridium botulinum, a protein found in nature. When a very small concentration of this protein is injected into a muscle, it prevents contraction. Our muscles contract when the chemical messenger acetylcholine is released by nerves where the nerve ending meets muscle cells. By introducing the botulinum bacterium into the area of a target muscle, we prevent the release of acetylcholine in that part of the face or body, thereby inhibiting muscle contraction. Without tension in the muscles, the overlying tissue lies more smoothly, making the face look younger and friendlier.

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Our comprehensive knowledge of facial structure enables us to achieve excellent results using BOTOX Cosmetic. For more information or to schedule a consultation in our Beverly Hills office, call (310) 657-4302.

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