Dr. Douglas has been active in education focusing on research and surgery in China for the past several years. He has also been performing surgery in China on a regular basis. During this time, he has established international relations with multiple institutions in Shanghai, Tianjin, Guangzhou, and Beijing. This has allowed him and his partners to start a practice, LA Face, in Shanghai to provide their services beyond the United States.

LA Face is a full-service oculoplastic surgical group in Shanghai that also offers services to patients in Los Angeles, New York, and Minnesota. LA Face operates at the famous Shanghai International Medical Center where Dr. Douglas and his partners operate throughout the year. As one of the founding partners, Dr. Douglas is committed to the care of Asian patients that require specialized orbital and cosmetic needs.


Although LA Face is located in Shanghai, consultations are available internationally in both Shanghai and Los Angeles. Online consultations with translation services are also available for our patients looking for expert care. For those patients that desire to be treated in Shanghai, LA Face’s staff is dedicated to help arrange all medical issues.

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