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When we discuss facial aging, we cannot portray the face as a whole. Every area of the face ages in a distinct manner. Only in the past few decades have treatments been developed to focus on specific areas, such as the eyes or the mid-face. Many people are familiar with the signs of aging around the eyes. The mid-face, however, may be more insidious. With age, the cheek area loses fullness. The roundness that typically characterizes the mid-face drops and collects at the jawline in the form of jowls. As tissue deflates and loses firmness, lines around the nose and mouth called nasolabial folds deepen.
Traditional facelift techniques have done very little to address mid-facial aging. Now, Dr. Raymond Douglas employs precise and customized lifting techniques that restore youthful contours to this middle-third of the face. At our practice, Dr. Douglas’ goal is always to help his patients look like their younger selves. Our motto is “Be You Again” and a mid-face lift is often a wonderful way to achieve this goal!

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What is a midface lift?

The mid-face lift is intended to correct the draping of the soft tissue and muscle of the cheek area as it relates to skeletal structure. The procedure is typically performed on an outpatient basis. Depending on the extensiveness of surgery, local or general anesthesia may be administered. This is determined during your initial consultation with Dr. Douglas. During surgery that involves IV sedation or general anesthesia, patients are monitored by a board-certified medical professional whose sole objective is to ensure safety and comfort.
The mid-face lift is performed through small incisions made around the ear, behind the hairline whenever possible. Using small instruments, Dr. Douglas elevates the malar fat pad across the bony contours of the cheekbones. The repositioning draws superficial and tissue up from the jowls and also outward from the nose and mouth. As a result, nasolabial folds are lessened, the jawline is refined, and volume is restored to the cheeks. In some cases, volume also needs to be restored to the mid-face area to create youthful contours. This can be achieved through fat transfer or fillers.

Who is a good candidate for a midface lift?

Adults who are experiencing signs of aging in the mid-face and are unhappy with their appearance may be good candidates for a mid-face lift. Concerns that revolve around the cheek and lower face may be sufficiently corrected with a mid-face lift alone. More extensive facial aging may be addressed with a combination of facelift procedures and eyelid rejuvenation or dermal fillers. We conduct a thorough consultation and examination before discussing the value of cosmetic surgery. This enables us to ensure that a patient is in good health and has realistic expectations of what they wish to achieve. As smoking inhibits proper wound healing and tissue regeneration, nonsmokers are the best candidates for surgical facial rejuvenation.

How long does it take to recover from a midface lift?

A mid-face lift is a minimally-invasive technique with a shorter recovery period than more extensive lifts. Patients should expect bruising and swelling after their procedure. Minor activities such as walking are encouraged right away after surgery. Patients usually return to work within 10 days, and can gradually resume more vigorous activities over the course of a few weeks.

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Dr. Douglas is internationally renowned for his expertise in mid-face lift and can help you be you again! For more information on the mid-face lift, schedule a consultation in our Beverly Hills office, call (310) 657-4302.

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