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The upper one-third of the face ages in a unique way. Creases that were once only visible when the eyebrows were raised by lifting the eyebrows may become permanent. The eyebrows may sit low, creating heaviness in the upper eyelids. These signs of aging are the result of the skin and underlying tissues losing both firmness and elasticity. The force of gravity exacerbates their appearance, making the face appear older and more fatigued. For many adults, a brow lift can resolve these concerns. Our motto is “Be you again” – and brow lift surgery can provide a rejuvenated appearance.

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What is a brow lift?

At the International Orbital Institute, Dr. Raymond Douglas performs brow lifts using the endoscopic technique. An endoscope is a small instrument that helps Dr. Douglas observe an
operative area via a tiny camera. The endoscope also holds the other instruments needed to conduct surgery. An endoscopic brow lift requires minor incisions that are made behind the hairline. Through incisions, tissue across the brow is carefully and strategically lifted. Suture techniques help Dr. Douglas achieve the proper brow curvature as tissue is stabilized in a new, higher position on the forehead. In addition to lifting tissue and removing excess skin, a brow lift may also weaken the muscles just above the brow to reduce wrinkles on the lower forehead.

Who is a candidate for a brow lift?

Brow lift surgery is often sought by adults in the 40- to 65-year-old age range, but may be considered by younger patients. A person who is concerned about the descent of their brow line and resulting eyelid heaviness may be an excellent candidate for an endoscopic brow lift. A comprehensive medical history and health examination are conducted alongside our consultation to confirm that a patient is a good candidate for this procedure.

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How long does it take to recover from brow lift surgery?

Overall, recovery after brow lift is very manageable. It is natural for some swelling and bruising to occur after brow lift surgery, even when an endoscopic technique is used. Bruising may extend around the eyes and cheeks. Elevating the head can help reduce these symptoms. Patients can expect mild discomfort during their initial healing process. This may coincide with itching and/or numbness. As nerve endings heal, comfort improves significantly.

Stitches are typically removed 7 to 10 days after surgery. Full recovery may be reached in about two weeks. At this point, most patients return to work and light daily activities. More strenuous physical exertion should be resumed gradually as instructed by the surgical team.

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As an orbital expert, Dr. Douglas is an excellent resource for patients seeking to rejuvenate the upper third of the face. Learn more about brow lift surgery in consultation in our Beverly Hills office. Call (310) 657-4302.

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