Eyelid Scar Treatment – Biologic Remodeling


Dr. Raymond Douglas and his team of expert surgeons have pioneered methods to biologically modify tissue to reduce scarring and improve function of the eyelids. At the International Orbital Institute, we have developed techniques to cause controlled stretching of unwanted scar tissue, which then allows the scar to remodel to a point that the tissue becomes near normal in consistency and function.

Tissue expansion is utilized by injecting hyaluronic acid and 5-Fluorouracil to achieve an effect that surgery can not duplicate. The tissue expansion from the filler places the tissue on constant stretch allowing the scar to remodel while 5-Fluorouracil used to facilitate very rapid remodeling of the fibroblasts. A combination of these treatments leads to great improvement of the scarring, lid height, and lid function. You can see the results of biologic remodeling in these patients below.


Eyelid Scar Treatment Beverly Hills, CA


Dr. Douglas has pioneered an innovative strategy to reduce the accumulation of scar tissue while expanding the tissue simultaneously. This procedure can dramatically improve the appearance of scarring and the function of the eyelids.
His use of anti-metabolite therapy combined with tissue expansion has been widely published in medical journals and has helped countless patients achieve the best possible outcome.


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If you have had previous surgery or trauma that has caused scarring of your lids, Dr. Douglas and his team are here to provide you with highly individualized care that you deserve. Please contact us at (310) 657-4302 to schedule a consultation with Dr. Douglas to learn how he can help.

For those who live out of town or out of the country, Dr. Douglas offers initial Skype consultations so you can meet and discuss your concerns from the comfort of your own home.

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