How To Fix Bulging Eyes: Contouring the Eyes


In Part 2 of our video series How To: Fix Bulging Eyes, oculoplastic surgeon Dr. Raymond Douglas discusses his approach to contouring the eyes – under eye area, brows and upper eyelid – for patients with bulging or prominent eyes.

In Part 1 – Moving the Eyes Back, explained how he surgically moved the eyes back to improve the appearance of bulging eyes. In the process of moving the eyes back, the lower eyelid contour is improved.

What Does Contouring the Eyes Mean?

Contouring, by definition, is a technique that serves to enhance and sculpt the structure of the face. While many may simply think of makeup when they hear this word, it very much applies to the techniques that Dr. Douglas employs to help his patients improve their appearance. Read on to discover how Dr. Douglas can help with contouring your eyes through various procedures with minimal surgery, if any at all.

Moving the Eye Back

Many patients come to Dr. Douglas with a desire to remedy the appearance of bags under their eyes. Conventional surgery can be pretty risky if not done by an oculoplastic and orbital surgeon who is very in tune with each patient dealing with prominent eyes. Simply moving the eye back can create a world of difference. Moving the eye back tends to improve the lower eyelid contour, erasing that sagging, drooping look. If necessary, a small surgery to accompany moving the eyes back may be required to either tighten the lower eyelid or to lift the lower eyelid, depending on the circumstance.

What About Lower Eyelid and Tear Troughs?

The lower eyelid bags and tear trough area often frustrate patients because it makes them look like they have dark circles under and around their eyes. Rather than a standard blepharoplasty, which could cause eyelid retraction for patients with prominent, Dr. Douglas recommends injecting a little bit of filler or fat into the mid-face. To compliment that procedure, Dr. Douglas generally would then do a specialized blepharoplasty in which you take the fat that’s bulging forward and transpose it over the cheek. With this, you are building up the cheek and creating a really smooth appearance.

Upper Eyebrow and Upper Eyelid

These two areas can also cause problems and start to sag over time. When a patient has prominent eyes, just removing upper eyelid skin can actually make things worse. Dr. Douglas concentrates on improving the brow contour, and perhaps even adding a bit of volume around the brow to further enhance your aesthetic. Even adding a small amount of filler through the temple area of the head can drastically give more balance to the upper eyelid and reduce the appearance of tiredness and drooping of the upper eyebrow and upper eyelid.

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