What is Teprotumumab?


In this week’s episode of Thyroid Thursday, Dr. RaymondDouglas answers the question “What is Teprotumumab?

Dr. Douglas and his team have been leaders in the clinical trials of teprotumumab; a new drug that helps to minimize and reverse thyroid eye disease.

There is a lot of information to know about this unique, new drug, but the first question might be…how do you pronounce it? The answer: teh-pro-too-mah-mab.

How Does Teprotumumab Work?

We all know that the immune system attacks the thyrotropin receptor, which causes the TSA, TSIs, and TRAb antibodies. But the immune system also attacks another receptor called the IGF1 receptor. And that is what teprotumumab blocks, but doesn’t activate. This new drug acts as a stealth blank over this receptor, blocking the receptor from being seen by the immune system.

The Trial

Clinical trials have shown that this drug may reverse eye bulging, double vision, and swelling that is associated with Thyroid Eye Disease.

In the trial, patients were between 18 and 75 years old, and had been experiencing thyroid eye disease symptoms or had the disease itself for less than 9 months. The patients were then treated with eight infusions of teprotumumab, given three weeks apart. In this study, by time patients had reached their second, third, or fourth round of infusion, they were experiencing strong benefits.

The Results

The primary endpoint of this drug is the reduction of proptosis (bulging eyes), which is also what you’d be achieving if you elected to instead have surgery. Trial participants saw a substantial improvement in the responder rate. In the study, the drug was also successful in reducing symptoms such as blurred vision, bulging eyes, redness, and swelling around the eyes. In clinical trials, teprotumumab was well tolerated. The majority of AEs were mild or moderate, manageable, and resolved during or after treatment. The drop-out rate was low (,5%) and balanced across placebo and treatment arms.  As teprotumumab moves forward, the hope is that it will be approved by the FDA  and available for doctors to prescribe at the beginning of 2020.

Dr. Douglas works tirelessly both in his office and in the lab to constantly research the best methods for curing thyroid eye disease, in hopes of reducing and potentially eliminating the need for surgery in the future thanks to drugs like teprotumumab.

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