What Is An Orbital and Aesthetic Oculoplastic Surgeon?

In this week’s episode of Thyroid Thursday, Dr. Raymond Douglas defines Orbital and Aesthetic Oculoplastic surgery and why he entered this field. 

What Is An Orbital and Aesthetic Oculoplastic Surgeon? 

Orbital and Aesthetic Oculoplastic surgeon who deals with all of the tissues around the eye. He was trained in ophthalmology and intraocular surgery but then went on and did specialty training to deal with the eyelids, eye tissues around the cheek and midface, eyebrows and the tissue behind the eye. Behind the eye is a special place because it is the connection from the brain to the eye and you have 6 eye muscles that move things around. These muscles are surrounded by fat and important nerves that provide our vision and makes sure that we don’t get double vision. Dr. Douglas finds this field particularly challenging and exciting. 

Thyroid Eye Disease Patients 

Specifically, he finds patients with Thyroid Eye Disease challenging and exciting. He approaches patients with TED with the montra “Be You Again”. Patients who have TED are usually distraught about their function, dealing with life and also their appearance, which has really prevented them from doing social activities that they have enjoyed in the past. Dr. Douglas enjoys working with TED patients because he sees how it affects their day to day lives. It is not only just the functional part where there eyes are red, burning and difficult to see but also the social part because their appearance has changed so dramatically they are not themselves anymore. Most people do not want to look like a different person they just want to look like themselves before the disease happened. We try to restore both function and appearance. This is important because TED really interferes with someone’s life and not only does it affect your health but you can see the physical changes in the mirror. 

Thyroid Eye Disease Success Story 

Dr. Douglas enjoys reversing this disease. He does this both in the laboratory and surgically. With surgery, he can undo a lot of the damage and move the eyes back to their original position. For example, he had a young male patient in his 20’s, who has hyper-thyroidism and his eye condition (bulging, double vision) prevented from working and living his life. He had to go on assistance and stop his life for 5 years but when Dr. Douglas met him towards the end of that period and surgically reconstructed his eyes he was able to start his life over again. That is the type of impact you can have with this disease and that is why Dr. Douglas enjoys what he does.

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