Meet The Man Behind The Surgical Mask: Dr. Raymond Douglas

In this week’s episode of Thyroid Thursday, Dr. Raymond Douglas shares some fun facts about himself so you can get to know him better before you meet him in person.

A core philosophy of Dr. Douglas is making sure to create a plan that is customized to the needs of each individual patient. He, of course, makes time to understand their needs and create the best plan of action for them, but in the process, Dr. Douglas also gets to know the patient themselves. With that being said, it is just as important for prospective patients and their loved ones get to know Dr. Douglas too! Here are some fun facts about Dr. Raymond Douglas.

Where did you grow up?

I grew up in the Midwest, about 2 hours from Pittsburgh in a small town. It does have a Subway, but that’s about it.

What is your favorite football team?

I’m a lifelong Steelers fan!

Where did you go to college?

I went to the University of Pennsylvania for my undergrad, medical training, and Ph.D. in immunology. I continued on with ophthalmology training there as well and afterward moved to Los Angeles to do my fellowship at UCLA, where I stayed on as faculty.

When did you first get interested in thyroid eye disease?

During my time at UCLA, I discovered my interest in thyroid eye disease and the patients who had it. I enjoy the science aspect of it, which is the more mundane thing, but really what I enjoyed is that I can make a difference with surgery or even just talking to patients with very few interventions. I can make their eyes more comfortable and offer something that other people just can’t. With thyroid eye disease, I have always felt that I could truly make an impact on patient’s lives.

What do you like most about performing surgeries and helping patients?

I think it’s a very artistic process. It’s customized and every person is different. What’s most important is to see a patient’s lives open up after surgery or treatment. I meet people who have been socially isolated because of their disease, and all of a sudden we can sit down and we can create a plan and move forward. For me, that’s really fulfilling and that’s the reason why I do what I do.

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