Different Types of Orbital Decompression Surgery

In this week’s episode of Thyroid Thursday, Dr. Raymond Douglas discusses the different types of Orbital Decompression Surgery. 

What Is Orbital Decompression? 

Orbital Decompression is a surgery that moves the eyes back into a normal position. An analogy used by Dr. Douglas is if you put ice cream on a small cone it will sit on top, whereas if you put the ice cream in a larger cone it will sink back further. Orbital Decompression surgery expands and makes more room behind the eyes. This surgery can be done for patients who have thyroid eye disease or for patients who are born with prominent eyes or small cheekbones.

Different Types of Orbital Decompression

Dr. Douglas breaks down Orbital Decompression surgery in two different types: fat decompression and bony decompression. They both can be done from inside the eyelids without any external incisions. Bony decompression can be done by shaving down the bone on the lateral part of the eye or it can be done as a medial decompression by slightly pushing in to the sinuses. These decompression types can be customized so that the patient can improve their eyelid retraction or prominence as needed. 

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