3 Ways Graves’ Disease Changes Your Face Shape

Did you know that Graves’ disease changes your face shape? If your answer is no, don’t worry, we are here to provide you with a lot of information on this topic. Even many physicians don’t really know or understand that Graves’ disease and Thyroid Eye Disease affect more than just the eyes and the tissue around the eyes. In this week’s episode of Thyroid Thursday, Dr. Raymond Douglas discusses how this autoimmune disease attacks the tissue in the cheeks, the brows, and the lower face. It can cause all three areas to expand.

Many patients come to Dr. Douglas wondering why their face has changed. There are many treatment options to deal with this, but the first step is to recognize it. After that, Dr. Douglas makes a plan of action to remedy the affected area(s). Below are 3 ways Grave’s disease changes your face shape.

#1 – Expansion In The Eyebrow Region

Patients sometimes come in with very, very full brows from fat building up underneath. It is very difficult to remove fat from this area, but the area can be sculpted a little bit. You can even add a little filler and other material around it to make it look really nice, and actually, end up with a fullness that appears quite youthful.

#2 – Fat Bulging Underneath The Eyes

A lot of time fat bulging underneath an eye or both eyes goes away with decompression or moving the eyes back. But if it doesn’t, Dr. Douglas can always sculpt the fat over the lower eyelid. This type of surgery is much harder than a standard blepharoplasty because the fat is very different, and has a lot of blood vessels in it. It is important to see a well-regarded specialist if you’re going to have this area addressed.

#3 – The Lower Face

It is still unknown as to why the lower face gets affected, but it is most likely the same fat that is attacked everywhere else with Graves’ disease. It is primarily in the lower cheek area and can be really rough for some patients because it changes the whole shape of their face. Dr. Douglas often finds a solution by making a little incision inside the cheek and removing the fat (buccal fat pad) to give the contour back.

Graves’ Disease Changes Your Face Shape - buccal fat pad

Non-Surgical Solutions For Facial Contouring

Whenever possible, Dr. Douglas will utilize non-surgical solutions, such as Kybella and filler, to restore the patient’s natural face shape. Both of these non-surgical options can help touch up and dramatically improve the affected areas without any surgery and the associated down time.

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Ultimately, Dr. Douglas’ goal is to help you be YOU again! Dr. Douglas works very closely with all of his Graves’ disease patients to create customized treatment plans so they look and feel their best. If you have experienced changes in your face shape as a result of Graves’ disease, please contact our office today to schedule a consultation with Dr. Douglas. If you live outside of Southern California, be sure to ask us about our Out of Town Patient Video Consultations. 

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