What is Strabismus?

This week, Dr. Stacy Pineles, a renowned strabismus specialist, joins Dr. Raymond Douglas to discuss “what is strabismus?”

What is Strabismus?

When patients have thyroid eye disease they often have double vision from the muscles getting large or scarred. This causes patients to see double. In these cases, looking up or side-to-side can cause a lot of blurring or double vision.

Strabismus is a term for any sort of eye misalignment – the eyes are not lining up correctly and looking in the same direction. In some thyroid eye disease patients, when they look straight ahead their eyes are in correct alignment, however when they look to one side or up or down they may experience the misalignment and blurry or double vision.

How do you find a strabismus surgeon?

A strabismus surgeon is an ophthalmologist with specialized training in strabismus surgery.

After completing their sub-specialty training in ophthalmology, they will go on to a fellowship in pediatric ophthalmology and strabismus surgery. The appropriate training is usually done with pediatrics because other than thyroid eye disease, most cases of strabismus are found in children.

While the majority of training is done with pediatric cases, you should find a strabismus surgeon who has a lot of experience with adults who have thyroid eye disease. Dr. Pineles recommends finding a strabismus surgeon who does about 10 – 20% of their surgeries on adults.

More Information About Strabismus Surgery

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