The Ultimate Thyroid Eye Disease Guide


Dr. Douglas and his team know how difficult thyroid eye disease can be, and work very hard to provide as much information as possible to those who seek it. Dr. Douglas’ website, YouTube channel, and Instagram account are all fantastic places to seek out information and educational materials. He and his team constantly update his site and social media with videos, articles, and more to ensure that the best and most accurate information is easily accessible.

To have so much of the information at your disposal, all in one place, we highly recommend checking out the book that Dr. Douglas and his team have published. It can be sent to you as a PDF, or as a physical copy. This book is a culmination of Dr. Douglas’ 15+ years experience in dealing almost exclusively with thyroid eye disease patients, and is utilized by both patients and other physicians. 

Support Groups and Research

In the book, Dr. Douglas touches upon the lectures and teaching that he gives, as well as the support groups that he has been affiliated with. Additionally, there is information about the scientific research Dr. Douglas has been participating in; especially regarding teprotumumab, which is a trial drug that is testing very well in its effectiveness in treating thyroid eye disease.

Customized Approach Examples

The book also illustrates how important it is to make sure you are getting a customized approach to thyroid eye disease. Treatment varies from patient to patient, and Dr. Douglas ensures that each and every patient should work with him or their physician to have a customized plan. Knowing this, and that there is a light at the end of the tunnel, makes for a positive experience and the best results.

Aesthetic Reconstruction

This is a disfiguring disease, so it’s very important that surgery does two things. One, it should make you function better. Two, it should regain your appearance. Dr. Douglas’ book elaborates on why doing the surgery in a way that accomplishes both an aesthetic and functional improvement is always his goal.

Examples of Procedure Options

Depending on your condition, there are several options explained in the book and in other resources provided by Dr. Douglas. Orbital decompression, non-surgical options like botox and other fillers, and several other choices are out there. It’s all about making a plan with Dr. Douglas to find the correct procedure for you.

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