Rebecca’s Thyroid Eye Disease Journey

Thyroid eye disease journey - Rebecca“I would like to share my thyroid eye disease journey and my story about meeting my “Prince Charming” and how fitting he would be found in Beverly Hills, Ca where a lot of the movie stars live. Only my prince would be a doctor – Dr. Raymond Douglas. Not just a doctor but in my mind, the very best doctor on the planet for someone that has the misfortune of having Graves’ disease and Thyroid Eye Disease.

My thyroid eye disease journey started over  40 years ago. I’ve had eyelid surgery and orbital decompression surgeries. The surgeries were done years apart and gave me the appearance of my eyes not being symmetrical.

But, I lived with it and went along with my life. But, after seeing my last driver’s license picture I decided I wasn’t going to live with that appearance any longer.

I saw my eye doctor here in Kansas City. He refused to do any surgery on me stating that they would probably still have the appearance of one larger than the other.

I don’t remember how I found out about Dr. Douglas. It had to be divine intervention. I’m on Facebook in a group of mostly women who have Graves’ and Thyroid Eye Disease. They speak quite often about how awesome Dr. Douglas is. So, I scheduled a Skype interview with him as I live in Kansas. I couldn’t get Skype to work but Dr. Douglas wasn’t deterred because of that. Instead, he visited with me on the phone using the pics I had sent him. He was so kind, so knowledgeable and explained to me what he thought needed to be done.

I scheduled my surgery for February 13. I met D.r Douglas for the first time in person the day before, on February 12. He is such a genius about TED and Graves’ in general. He was so down-to-earth and just by looking at me in person he could tell I needed Orbital Decompression on one eye along with the eyelid surgery. He also saw that I had an issue with my right eye that had been previously stitched together in order to keep my eye from protruding as much. Of course, Dr. Douglas knew that wasn’t the correct way to fix it so he decided to repair it. It was a complicated procedure to make the repair. And he saw that my left eye needed Orbital Decompression also. Dr. Douglas saw immediately what needed to be done to give me symmetrical eyes. He is such a genius but it seems he doesn’t know that. He has such immense knowledge and experience but yet it hasn’t affected his ego. He explained everything he was going to do in my surgery. He also said he would do whatever it took to give me symmetrical eyes and to make me happy with the results. I had a follow up with him the day after the surgery and he even used dissolvable sutures so I wouldn’t have to make two trips to California.

I had very little pain during my recovery. I FaceTimed Dr. Douglas several times for the follow up to my surgery.

So, for anyone on their own thyroid eye disease journey who might be thinking about surgery to improve their lives, consider seeing Dr. Douglas, He is a world renown doctor and will put together a customized plan just for you. I truly believe he is an artist and a genius. He loves the challenge to correct the disfigurement from TED and give people back their beautiful eyes. Most of all, he has a true empathy for TED patients.”

-Rebecca, Kansas City

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