Patient Story – Customized Orbital Decompressiom

Every patient has their own unique journey once they are diagnosed with thyroid eye disease. For some people it causes a big physical change. For others it can really harm the functionality of their eyes. And sometimes it’s both of these examples and more.

A recent patient of Dr. Douglas’ began having problems with double vision and eye pain. It was an especially rough scenario for her, because she had a job that required quite a bit of hand-eye coordination. On top of that, she’s an avid biker, but biking with this condition was causing her a lot of pain. Eventually, it became nearly impossible.

Going out socially also become an area of frustration. She didn’t look like herself, and always felt self-conscious as her eyes looked like they were bulging out.

She had to take action, so she got in touch with Dr. Douglas.

Together, the patient and Dr. Douglas formed a customized orbital decompression plan. Dr. Douglas wanted to ensure her that both her appearance and her fully functionality could be restored. He assessed that moving the eyes back with a 6 millimeter decompression would really help.

The procedure was done in just a few hours, and the patient was able to go home the same day. In just a short amount of time, the eyes were moved back and the upper eyelids were lowered. Not only was the patient’s appearance restored, but she regained functionality as well. Both eyes were done at the same time, and with no noticeable skin incisions.

Now the patient is back at her job and thriving. Within 6 months of surgery she had entered a triathlon, competed hard, finished it successfully, but most importantly she enjoyed it and was free of pain.

Dr. Douglas passionately feels that what he does helps patients “be you again”, and it’s so true. Thyroid eye disease can take so many aspects of your life and yourself away, but in a short amount of time, with minimal pain and often a quick recovery period, you can be you again.

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