How To Avoid Botched Eyelid Surgery

In this week’s episode of Thyroid Thursday, Dr. Raymond Douglas discusses how to avoid botched eyelid surgery. 

How do you avoid getting botched upper eyelid surgery?

Dr. Douglas stresses that it is very important to talk about both the upper and lower eyelids. He first talks about the upper eyelids what you should do, what you should not do and what you need to avoid. People that don’t do well with upper eyelid surgery often have had multiple surgeries or they have very prominent eyes. If you have prominent eyes for any particular reason you always want to be careful, especially if your eyes don’t close or if they are very dry. It is likely you will not do well from upper or lower eyelid surgery and it will retract or open the eyelids even more. You always want to do less during the surgery because you can always come back and do more. The problem here it can lead to permanent scarring of the eye. For example, you can’t put anything removed during surgery back and if you take off too much it will scar and you will not be able to close your eyes. This will lead to pain, scarring, redness, dryness and permanent irritation. Dr. Douglas fixes this problem a lot but it is difficult. The other thing to do is to think about contour and a natural appearance. Dr. Douglas likes to place fat in the upper brow because he thinks it reinflates the face and restores the natural aging process. Restoring volume to the upper brow gives a more youthful appearance. This is not just taking away tissue or causing paralysis of our eyelids but it is a much more youthful and contouring procedure. This produce is very safe. You want to seek someone who does a lot of upper eyelid surgeries and someone like myself who fixes a lot of upper eyelid surgeries gone wrong. 

How do you avoid getting botched lower eyelid surgery?

For lower eyelid surgery most people seek someone because they don’t like bags under their eyes. The bags under your eyes can be caused by a variety of things such as, cheeks falling down, fat from behind the eyes has worked its way forward or the skin is wrinkled and saggy. Dr. Douglas will assess all of these concerns and will fix each of them. For example, Dr. Douglas can take away some of the excess skin and reduce the wrinkling or if there is a fat bulge and dark circles he can fix that by taking the fat away or rolling the fat down to the cheek. These produces can make a really nice improvement. Dr. Douglas stresses not to do multiple surgeries and if you have prominent eyes, dry eyes or eyelids that don’t close you have to be very careful with any of these surgeries because they can make these conditions worse. 

What if I already have botched eyelids?

Dr. Douglas states that if you already have botched eyelids he is happy to take a look at them. Botched eyelids are a complex fix but it can be done and it can make a big improvement. Dr. Douglas usually has to put tissue back or do more surgery to restore the contour of the appearance and improve function to make sure that the patient is not uncomfortable. 

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