Graves’ Disease Support Groups

In addition to helping his patients be themselves again through medical procedures, surgery, and lifestyle advice, there is another point of pride that Dr. Raymond Douglas makes a priority – connecting patients through Graves’ Disease Support Groups.

Many patients of Dr. Douglas’ sought help from others and now are now returning the favor by helping others through building a caring community. Those suffering have sought refuge in the knowledge that they can access educational materials and the guidance of others willing to share from their experiences.

Below are three platforms that Dr. Douglas recommends all Graves’ disease patient take advantage of to find support.

Thyroid Eye Disease Awareness and Education Facebook Page

This Graves’ disease support group page is devoted not just to education and what you can do to deal with the disease, but also acts as an online community. Patients can tell their stories and really see things through the perceptive of others. Dr. Douglas encourages anybody, whether you’re suffering from the disease, have a loved one who is, or simply want to be informed, to check out the page and contribute.

Join the Facebook group here. 

Quarterly Seminar Series

Dr. Douglas, along with several other highly respected LA-area doctors, hosts quarterly educational seminars. This gives the doctors a chance to interface in person with those who are going through this tough time with their thyroid condition and thyroid eye disease. At the seminar, education is provided about the patient experiences and how to support a family member who may be going through this experience right now. At the end of the event, there is always a Graves’ disease support group meeting for patients to share their stories with each other. Seminars are held in Los Angeles, but Dr. Douglas encourages out of town patients to visit, or to tune in via webcam.

Watch the lectures from our most recent quarterly patient seminar.

Graves’ Disease and Thyroid Foundation

The Graves’ Disease and Thyroid Foundation has been working to create a sense of community for the last 20 years. They hold a series of seminars in cities all across the nation and provide additional education materials online. The Foundation also has an online group chat. Dr. Douglas has worked closely with the foundation for over 15 years and is constantly amazed at the quality of support given to patients and their families.

Find support from the Graves’ Disease and Thyroid Foundation. 

Like with so many other things in life, you don’t have to go it alone. Whether you start with a click onto the Facebook page or attend a seminar in person, joining in on our strong community will make you stronger too. All of these Graves’ Disease Support Groups are here to make your journey easier.

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