Celebrities with Thyroid Disease

We all seem to enjoy knowing that celebrities experience the same things that we do in life. In fact, there are many celebrities with thyroid disease. In respect to the recent passing of President George HW Bush, for this week’s Thyroid Thursday topic Dr. Raymond Douglas talks about autoimmune thyroid disease and Graves’ disease, which affected the Bush family.

Barbara Bush – Graves’ Disease

Many people know that Barbara Bush suffered from Graves’ disease throughout her life. Overall she managed her Graves’ disease very well, but she did eventually develop Graves’ eye disease and required surgery. She presented with the typical thyroid hormone problems – rapid heartbeat, weight loss, brittle hair, difficulty control metabolism, and anxiety.

President George HW Bush – Thyroid Disease

However, less known is that President Bush also had an autoimmune thyroid disease. He had an issue when he was meeting with the Japanese Prime Minister and became very ill due to his thyroid eye disease. Also, unfortunately, at a very important state dinner, he had some bad accidents with some meals.

These two examples just go to show that autoimmune disease can affect anyone and that dealing with it can be a struggle.

In the coming weeks, Dr. Douglas will be sharing some information and tips on a healthy diet and lifestyle changes to help you manage your thyroid disease, so be sure to subscribe to his YouTube channel and follow him on Facebook to see the latest videos.

More celebrities with thyroid disease:

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