5 Signs You May Have Graves’ Disease

This week episode of Thyroid Thursday, Graves’ disease expert, Dr. Raymond Douglas, of the International Orbital Institute reveals 5 signs you may have Graves’ disease.

Below are some of the most common indicators that a patient has a thyroid abnormality or Graves’ disease. However, please note there are other symptoms and signs of thyroid problems and Grave’s disease outside of the 5 signs discussed by Dr. Douglas.

1. Heat or Cold Intolerance

Do you always feel hot or you always feel cold compared to others? This change in temperature intolerance is likely a new thing and you could even be just out of the range of normal for it to be an indicator of a health issue.

2. Rapid Heartbeat

Have you experienced an increase in your heartbeat or heart palpitations? Many patients often describe it as their chest feels like it is about to explode even if they are just sitting down and not moving around. Most patients experience this at night.

3. Change in Eye Appearance

Have you had a recent onset of a change in the appearance of your eyes? If your eyes make you look angry or like you are constantly staring, this is an indicator of Graves’ disease. Many people notice it for the first time when they look at a photo of themselves.

4. Fatigue

Are you tired all the time? And not just because life is busy. You simply have no energy and feel like you need to nap throughout the day. This fatigue is a sign of a very low thyroid.

5. Hair Loss

Are you loosing your hair? Your hair may be falling out in clumps, breaking off, or you are experiencing thinning hair. This hair loss is an important sign that you should get your thyroid tested.

Get Your Thyroid Tested

If you are experiencing any of these symptoms, we recommend you get your thyroid tested. Determine if you have a thyroid abnormality is the first step in finding the right treatment so you can feel like yourself again!

Contact Dr. Douglas

For more information about thyroid eye disease please contact our office! As a leading expert in his field, Dr. Douglas offers both in-person consultations and Skype consultations for out of town patients.

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