3 Non-Surgical Treatments For Thyroid Eye Disease

In this week’s episode of Thyroid Thursday, Dr. Raymond Douglas discusses 3 non-surgical treatments for thyroid eye disease. The treatments he discusses can all be performed safely in his office with little to no downtime.

The following 3 non-surgical treatments for thyroid eye disease can help reduce the pain associated with thyroid eye disease, as well as make you look and feel better!

Punctal Cautery for Thyroid Eye Disease

If you have extremely dry eyes with your thyroid eye disease, punctual cautery may be a great non-surgical treatment option for you. Approximately 90% of Dr. Douglas’ patients benefit from having punctual cauterization, which is the narrowing of the drains of your eyelids so that the tears you produce last a lot longer. Closing one of the punctums (the opening in the tear duct) will make your tears flow away slower.

As a result, instead of using artificial tears every hour, your natural tears will last longer and makes a huge difference.

This is a safe, in-office procedure that takes about 10 seconds. It is a great alternative to punctal plugs don’t work quite as well because they can fall out or you feel them.

Botox for Thyroid Eye Disease

Botox can be a great non-surgical treatment for thyroid eye disease patients because it is very safe and effective. When used in the right places, Botox can be used to decrease pains and aches and can dramatically improve your appearance.

Dr. Douglas likes to place Botox in the temples. This helps reduce chronic pain, dull aches or pressure from thyroid eye disease. He also places it in the frown lines of thyroid eye disease patients because they are always making a frowning face because of the sunlight or dryness that causes them to close their eyes. By placing the Botox here, it relieves a lot of the pain and pressure and makes the patients look and feel better.

Botox is performed safely by Dr. Douglas in-office and required no downtime.

Fillers for Thyroid Eye Disease

Fillers under and around the eyes have fantastic results for thyroid eye disease patients. However, it is very important that the injector is very experienced in the intricacy of placing the proper type of filler under the eye for thyroid eye disease patients. The eye prominence and bags from thyroid eye disease can be masked with filler and make it look less prominent. So if you are interested in filler treatments, make sure you find an experienced injector like Dr. Douglas who knows how to use the right type of filler and place it properly in order to make a wonderful difference. Learn more about Fillers for Thyroid Eye Disease.


If you would like to learn more about any of these 3 non-surgical treatments for thyroid eye disease treatments, please contact our office at (310) 657-4354.

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