How To Fix Bulging Eyes: Moving The Eyes Back

Prospective patients often ask Dr. Raymond Douglas how to fix bulging eyes, or how can he make the area around their eyes appear more youthful when they have bulging eyes. As an oculoplastic and orbital surgeon, Dr. Douglas recommends an individualized approach and has created an algorithm for how to go about surgery with each and every patient. While outdated methods of surgery touted more of a ‘one size fits all’ mentality, it is actually really important to see an expert who will take time to figure out the correct solution for you.

Naturally Prominent Eyes or Bulging Eyes

Many patients who come to Dr. Douglas have naturally prominent eyes. Patients with such an appearance do actually age a little more rapidly than those with deeper set eyes. Lower eyelid bags and hanging upper eyelids are common signs of advanced physical aging in the facial area. Those with naturally prominent eyes tend to be slightly younger than the average patient, and have more fluid and/or fat underneath their eyes.

Our Approach Surgery – How to Fix Bulging Eyes

Although it may seem like a good solution, conventional surgery such as blepharoplasty (plastic surgery of the eyelids) can often be the worst thing you could do. Removing fat or tissue can create a very unappealing result, unmasking the eyes and dramatically changing your appearance for the worse.

Instead, Dr. Douglas decides whether or not to reverse the prominence of the eye by moving it back into a slightly better position. If so, this can be achieved through a very little incision inside the eye. Incredibly, there is no skin incision, no fat removal, and no expanding the orbit, which is the area just behind the eye. This tiny incision in the eye allows it to move back just a little bit, creating an easier experience for the patient while resulting in a much more appealing periorbital area.

The second option Dr. Douglas offers is building up the midface, which is the area right around the nose and cheeks. That can be achieved with fillers in the office, in just a few minutes. It can also be done by taking fat from other areas and strategically placing it in the midface. In some severe cases, implants can be used. Ultimately, building up the cheek while moving the eye back is what’s necessary for an improved appearance.

How to fix bulging eyes - before and after

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