3 Non-Surgical Treatments For Thyroid Eye Disease

In this week’s episode of Thyroid Thursday, Dr. Raymond Douglas discusses 3 non-surgical treatments for thyroid eye disease. The treatments he discusses can all be performed safely in his office with little to no downtime. The following 3 non-surgical treatments for thyroid eye disease can help reduce the pain associated with thyroid eye disease, as… Read More »

Surgery to Improve Vision with Graves’ Disease and Cataracts

In this week’s episode of Thyroid Thursday, Thyroid Eye Disease expert Dr. Raymond Douglas talks with Ophthalmologist Dr. Neda Shamie about surgery to improve vision with Graves’ disease and cataracts. During the episode they answer the question, “Can people with Graves’ eye disease still have cataract surgery and/or refractive surgery?” Medicine has become more and… Read More »

5 Signs You May Have Graves’ Disease

This week episode of Thyroid Thursday, Graves’ disease expert, Dr. Raymond Douglas, of the International Orbital Institute reveals 5 signs you may have Graves’ disease. Below are some of the most common indicators that a patient has a thyroid abnormality or Graves’ disease. However, please note there are other symptoms and signs of thyroid problems… Read More »

What Are The Social Impacts of Graves’ Disease?

This week, Dr. Raymond Douglas’ Thyroid Thursday is dedicated to the families and friends of those with Graves’ disease (Thyroid Eye Disease). Dr. Douglas shares some stories on the social impacts of Graves’ disease on patients. What does it feel like to have Graves’ disease? Graves’ disease will affect how you feel every day: You… Read More »

Eyelid Surgery Beverly Hills, CA

Why Drooping Eyelids are Problematic

When we talk about the eyelids and our frustration with them, it is usually related to cosmetic appearance. Many men and women are turning to blepharoplasty to correct issues like excessive wrinkling, puffiness, and drooping of the upper or lower lids. While these concerns can be addressed with eyelid surgery, there are additional benefits to… Read More »


Welcome to my blog! Within this regularly updated feature of my website, I will provide visitors with practice news and specials, as well as information regarding the most recent technological advances and new treatments in oculoplastic surgery. I believe that patient education and open communication with your doctor are the keys to achieving healthy, fully… Read More »

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