Tired of Looking Tired? Consider These Treatment Options!

Life may move far faster than a snail’s pace these days, but that does not mean our faces have to reflect that. However, one of the complaints we commonly hear from patients is that they feel like they look tired no matter how much they try to keep up with their beauty sleep. We understand. No one likes looking tired. In our Beverly Hills practice, we provide solutions that are tailored to each patient’s needs. Here, we discuss common ways in which the eyes can be refreshed to adequately portray your true nature.

Injectable Solutions

Many patients prefer the option of rejuvenating the eyes without surgery. One way we can achieve noticeable results is to inject Botox at the brow line, between the eyebrows, or on the forehead. As the face ages, structure changes. Fat is lost around the eyes, and bony anatomy decreases. None of these changes affect the way the muscles on the upper face work, though. So, at some point, many people notice heaviness in the upper eyelids caused by a drooping brow line. Muscles are to blame, and Botox is an excellent technique for temporarily softening muscle contractions that are pulling the brows down.

Another common injectable treatment for correcting a tired appearance is to inject dermal fillers under the eyes. In some cases, where the eyes have become hollow, fillers may be very carefully injected into the upper lid area. In most cases, hyaluronic acid fillers are used on the lower eyelids. More precisely, filler is inserted at the uppermost part of the cheek, where a curved line appears horizontally beneath the lower lids. Introducing hyaluronic acid into what is called the tear trough adds volume beneath the crease that immediately disguises lower eyelid puffiness.

Surgical Solutions for Tired Eyes

While many people obtain satisfactory results with injectable treatments, there are circumstances for which surgery is the best solution. Undereye bags called festoons are a more severe problem that requires a surgical approach. In other situations, patients choose surgical eyelid rejuvenation or brow lift surgery because they wish to avoid the upkeep that is necessary with injectable treatments.

Humans will likely be focused on the eyes as a matter of beauty forever. Dr. Douglas and our experienced staff can help you focus on the beauty of your eyes with treatment designed just for you. To schedule your personal consultation in our friendly office, call (310) 657-4302.

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