4 Facts About Under Eye Hollows

Recently, FabFitFun.com reached out to Dr. Raymond Douglas to learn more about under eye hollows and how to treat them. Below are some highlights from the interview, specifically 4 facts about under eye hollows.

1. A Changing Appearance.

Under eye hollows, along with under eye bags, are a result of aging. Naturally occurring changes to the appearance of the face are common, though can be more apparent in some than others. The loss of skin elasticity and volume plays a huge factor here. The cheek fat deflates like a balloon and begins to sag, thus exposing bone and ligaments, creating a less than desirable appearance under the eye.

2. Smiling: A Temporary Solution.

People love your smile, right? So should you, because while you are smiling, your under eye hollows are generally temporarily relieved. Smiling is a natural way to re-inflate the area. Of course, this is not a real solution. Instead, Dr. Douglas can work with you to find a lasting solution.

3. Temporary Fillers for Under Eye Hollows.

Fillers are a great way to re-inflate the fat pockets that have naturally deflated over time. Fillers that are biologically inert, meaning the filler should cause little to no negative reaction to the skin and tissue, are very ideal. This area of your face is delicate, so it is important to find a professional who is accustomed to using filler around the eye. Having a medical professional with considerable skill, patience, and experience is key to having filler successfully implemented. Dr. Douglas cautions against permanent fillers, due to the high complication rate. Instead, look at filler as a temporary solution that can be reapplied or taken away as needed.

4. Surgery for Under Eye Hollows.

If you are looking for a long-term solution, Dr. Douglas often recommends lower blepharoplasty in the place of filler. Despite the preconceptions of surgery, surgery can actually be a more cost effective and longer lasting solution. A qualified and well-respected surgeon who specializes in oculoplastic surgery can sit with you and make a customized plan to best meet your goals.

Schedule A Consultation With Dr. Douglas!

When it comes to the best anti-aging option for your eyes, there is no one-size-fits-all solution. Like with so many other things in life, from fashion to lifestyle to diet, you have to find out what works specifically for you. Teaming up with an expert like Dr. Douglas will help you discover what route is right for you on your anti-aging solution journey! Contact us today to schedule your under eye hollow consultation with Dr. Douglas.

Read the full FabFitFun article here. 

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