Revision Blepharoplasty: Let’s Talk about this Possibility

Eyelid Revision Surgery Beverly Hills, CAMost of us have heard that old saying “the eyes are the windows to the soul.” It’s something that we tend to take more seriously than we may imagine. For instance, research has demonstrated on more than one occasion that we perceive a person’s joie de vivre, their inner exuberance, motivation, and enthusiasm for life, by one quick look at their eyes. Are your eyes telling the truth?

When we say that the eyes are the feature that gets noticed, what we’re talking about is the skin around the eyes. Drooping eyelids portray a person to be older, tired, and possibly even more than a little disinterested in friendly conversation. Because we inherently know this, the popularity of eyelid rejuvenation with blepharoplasty has become exceedingly popular.

Blepharoplasty is supposed to make the eyes look better, younger, more energetic. It accomplishes this by carefully removing tissue and skin that have lost laxity. Patients are advised of the risks of blepharoplasty before surgery, and those risks are very slight. However, complications from this surgery may lead to prolonged cosmetic issues such as persistent drooping.

There is hope for correction in revision blepharoplasty. Dr. Douglas is an esteemed oculoplastic specialist with offices in Beverly Hills and Shanghai. His extensive training and experience with revision blepharoplasty make him an excellent resource for patients whose initial procedure did not return satisfactory results.

Indications that Revisional Blepharoplasty is Needed

  • The persistent eyelid was drooping. When the eyelids remain droopy after upper or lower blepharoplasty, it could be that the initial problem was under-corrected. It could also mean that the surgeon who performed blepharoplasty may have been treated ptosis as a cosmetic problem when ptosis drooping requires a more in-depth level of care. In this instance, follow up care would be ptosis surgery, not revisional blepharoplasty.
  • Eyelid distortion. Blepharoplasty is intended to rejuvenate the eyes with precision contouring in the excisional technique. If too much or too little skin is removed at any angle, slight or significant distortion may occur. This may present as an inability to fully close the eyes.
  • Hollowness beneath the eyes. Lower blepharoplasty may involve the reduction in fat pockets beneath the eyes. If too much of the fat pad is removed, the undereye area then appears hollow.

Are you six months or more out from blepharoplasty and sensing that your rejuvenating procedure didn’t accomplish your goal? Contact our Beverly Hills office at (310) 657-4354 to schedule a consultation for revisional blepharoplasty.

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