Why Eyelid Reconstruction may be a Complex Matter

Eyelid Revision Surgery Beverly Hills, CAThere are several reasons why a person may have eyelid surgery. Usually, the kind of surgery that we hear about is the cosmetic procedure performed to rejuvenate aging eyelids. Blepharoplasty is one of the most common eyelid procedures performed today, but there are other reasons that the eyelids may require a certain type of care. For example, eyelid surgery may be performed to reconstruct scar tissue to improve appearance; the eyelid may need to be reconstructed after Mohs skin cancer surgery or procedures performed to remove a vascular lesion or benign mole.

Whatever the reason for eyelid surgery, the operating surgeon understands that the eyelid is a very complex structure with unique functional mechanisms. The upper eyelids are integral to blinking because, when they close over the ocular surface, or eyeball, they spread lubricating fluid. The lower eyelids are important to the retention of fluid in the eye to prevent dryness. Therefore, surgical techniques employed during eyelid surgery need to be carefully executed.

Eyelids are More than Meets the Eye

It’s easy to look at the eyelids and observe them as small areas of skin. There are other components to the eyelids that a surgeon must take into account. These include:

  • Muscle tissue. The muscles in the eyelids enable movement and also give the eyelids tone.
  • Cartilage tissue. The rim of the upper and the lower eyelid contains stiff cartilage that prevents drooping away from the ocular surface.
  • The inner lining of the eyelid is soft and smooth with tissue that supports lubrication.

During eyelid surgery, it is important to understand the value of each component of the eyelid to preserve form and function. The complex nature of eyelid reconstruction is dictated by the size and location of the defect, as well as the thickness of involved tissue. Dr. Douglas is a renowned oculoplastic surgeon with offices in Beverly Hills and Shanghai, China. His vast experience in eyelid reconstruction draws patients from around the world.

Treatment for eyelid trauma or scarring is tailored to the individual. Sometimes, reconstruction can be arranged to coincide with a planned procedure such as Mohs skin cancer surgery. A comprehensive consultation and examination can answer your questions about eyelid reconstruction and which technique is right for you.

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