3 Exercise Tips To Optimize Thyroid Health

In this week’s episode of Thyroid Thursday, Dr. Raymond Douglas discusses how exercise affects thyroid disease and reveals 3 exercise tips to optimize thyroid health! The thyroid is the thermostat that controls the metabolism of your body. It makes a hormone that either causes the body to rev up or to slow down. That being said, people with a very fast thyroid, aka hyperthyroid, have a faster heart rate and quicker metabolism. On the opposite side of the spectrum, those with a sluggish thyroid, aka hypothyroid, experience weight gain, since they have a slow metabolism. It can be tough to handle, but putting the right diet and exercise into motion will make a world of difference.

It’s no secret that exercising yields positive results for feeling both physically and mentally better. However, knowing the correct types of exercise to optimize thyroid health is just as important. With a few of Dr. Douglas’ tips, within a matter of weeks, you’ll likely see and feel the results of a targeted workout.

Below are the top 3 exercise tips to optimize thyroid health.

Tip #1 – Consistency is Key

First and foremost, the number one thing Dr. Douglas recommends is getting up and active every single day! Just 25 or 30 minutes of daily exercise can reduce the age of your brain by 10 years. Simple low impact exercises like walking, hiking, yoga, biking, swimming, and cycling can make a world of difference in your health. But, the key is consistency.

Tip #2 – Time Over Tension Exercises

When exercising, it is important to do workouts that will help you build lean muscle mass while eliminating fat. Waistline fat is inflammatory, and increases your risk of heart disease and stroke, especially in those prone to autoimmune ailments. To achieve lean muscle mass, implement time over tension workouts into your routine. These are simple and can be done at home. All it really means is, take a small dumbbell, and instead of doing as many quick reps as possible, go slowly, lifting the weight up over a period of about 5 seconds, then slowly bringing the weight back down over a period of 5 seconds. With each rep taking about 10 seconds, you’re really going to be whipping your muscles into lean, great shape.

Tip #3 – Solidify Your Core

As previously mentioned, belly fat really causes a lot of problems. Aside from causing a drastic change in your appearance, it leaves you at risk for so many diseases and ailments. So another important area to focus on is your core. Exercises like planks and other time over tension routines specifically geared towards the core will make you look and feel a whole lot better.

Are You Ready To Exercise To Optimize Thyroid Health?

With these 3 exercise tips to optimize thyroid health from Dr. Douglas, your body shape and thyroid health will get to a place that you’ll be really happy with quicker than you could’ve ever imagined. We hope you enjoyed these exercise tips and would love to hear how they are working for you. If you want to share your exercise tips, please share them on our Facebook page!

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